2022 Negotiations

Welcome! This page will house updates related to our contract negotiations that are tentatively scheduled to begin in Spring 2022.  The quickest ways to get information will remain text messages, in person conversations with your peers, and email.

Bargaining Team

First Last Home Unit
Rick Lucas UH STAT
Amy Pompeii UH MS FP
Janet Corbin UH SICU
Elizabeth DiGiannantoni J FP
Alex Watts UH PCU FP
Regina Miller PACU
Holly Smith J Amb FP
Bret Apple UH OR
Lukas Killian 9 W Rhodes
Tony Myers Endo
Brian Kelly UH MS FP
Peg Ripley 6 Ross
Angela Rentel Postpartum
January Belcher 9 W Rhodes
Jessie Frymyer UH OR
Sarabeth Murray* UH MS FP
Catharyne Henderson* 12 James PCU
Christine Frank-Scott* UH SICU
Steve Bultema* J OR
Holly Rowe* UH STAT

* alternates