Per the Side Letter on Vacation Scheduling (see page 57 of the contract),in Summer 2020 we formed a joint labor-management task force to explore a new way to do vacation scheduling.  The outcome of that task force is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would revise how we do vacation scheduling.  

The Vacation Scheduling Task Force MOU can be found here.

The revised Scheduling Periods can be found here:
2021 and 2022.

A sample trimester request form can be found here.

An explainer sheet can be found here.

The request process will go into effect December 1,2020 for the summer trimester request period that begins May 1, 2021 and will be a pilot until the next contract negotiations. The vacation scheduling taskforce will continue to meet monthly to discuss feedback and evaluate the process.  If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact OSUNO VSTF Co-Chair Elizabeth DiGiannantoni at


Use of "Request Off" Guidelines

This document was created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force and is intended to help nurses and scheduling representatives better understand how to use the term "x-request off" and "x-school" and how they interact with our contract.

Tip Sheet for Cancellation of Extra Hours and Cancellation Algorithm
These documents were created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force and are intended to help nurses, especially Charge Nurses, ensure that when there is a need to reduce staff on a unit the contract is followed. 

Cancellation of Extra Hours on a Holiday

This sheet is intended to provide clarity and certainty for, nursing supervisors, nurses, and managers on how Extra Hours are to be cancelled on a Holiday.

Holiday Benefit vs Holiday Premium - 4th of July 2021
This document covers the holiday premium date and holiday benefit day and the difference when the holiday falls on a weekend.

If you have questions about the Scheduling Task Force's work, please contact OSUNO Co-Chair Amy Pompeii at