Dear OSUNO / ONA Member,


We are happy to announce that our membership has overwhelmingly voted to ratify our contract as of today, Friday, May 27.  In fact 97% of members who voted, did so in favor. We did it – and we did it together!

From nurses providing testimony at the bargaining table to showing up on the picket line, we showed that when we stand up together, we can force hospital executives to deliver on the needs of patients and staff. There is power when nurses come together, and our union is proof.   We stepped out of our comfort zone and fought hard against the executives who exploit us.  We showed them we won’t be silenced!  We saw support from other unions, as well as doctors, nurse managers, and other frontline healthcare workers.

Our new contract sets the precedent on how to break the cycle of unsafe staffing and turnover by investing in nursing.  While this contract represents tens of millions of dollars in new nurse compensation, it won’t solve all of our problems.  We should celebrate our victory now and be ready to continue the fight to make sure we get what we need, likely starting with TSIP in early August.

Our negotiations team wants to extend our appreciation to every nurse who took the time to participate in our contract campaign.  Active nurse members are where we get our strength.

In July, August, and September our union will be holding contract education CE, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can reach out to a bargaining team member.


In Unity,

Your OSUNO Negotiations Team

Rick Lucas

Amy Pompeii

Alex Watts

Elizabeth DiGiannantoni

Janet Corbin

Holly Rowe              

Angela Rentel                   

Bret Apple                                         

Brian Kelly                                          

Catharyne Henderson

Christine Frank-Scott

Holly Smith                                         

January Belcher               

Jessie Frymyer                 

Lukas Killian                       

Peg Ripley                          

Regina Miller                                                                  

Sarabeth Murray

Steve Bultema

Tony Myers