We need nurses. We need safe staffing. We need it now.

The pandemic has been hard, especially on frontline workers. We are tired. We are overworked. We are burned out. And we are still realizing the effects of COVID-19. 

And OSU Wexner Medical Center is not doing enough to help.

We have hundreds of nurse vacancies across the hospitals and we are not seeing these vacancies filled fast enough.  That means not only are nurses not getting a desperately needed break after COVID but that for some nurses we have more work than we did in 2020.

Something has to give. We have to decrease our census, or fill these nursing positions. There's no in-between.

We went through enough with the pandemic. We can't continue on with not enough staff. Our patients don't deserve it, and we can't take it.

OSU Wexner Medical Center, please do the right thing. Help your nurses who are the backbone of your hospitals.