Student Loan Debt: AFT Student Debt Clinics Available to OSUNO Members At No Cost

We commonly hear during central nursing orientation that many new nurses have student loans.  (We know some experienced nurses do too!) We know that having to pay on these loans often means forgoing other opportunities and/or having to work more than we really want.

Many nurses may qualify for free federal programs that can help reduce monthly payments and eventually lead to student loan forgiveness, but these lifeline programs are significantly under-enrolled. Thanks to new rules just put in place by the Department of Education, many folks who thought loan forgiveness was out of reach are now finding that it is finally within their grasp. There is an important deadline coming up at the end of October 2022, so if you are considering attending a clinic, now is the time.

In an effort to help our members get access to these programs and understand these new rules, OSUNO, the Ohio Nurses Association, and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT, our international union with whom we are affiliated) are proud to make available a series of Student Debt Clinics which will provide information on how to enroll in Income-Driven Repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Click here to register to for webinar version of the Student Debt Clinic put on by AFT.