Scholarship Applications

In addition to the above OSUNO Scholarships, please see the below nursing scholarships, all with the due date of March 22, 2024. Click on the scholarship names to read more about the scholarship and click here to apply for the below scholarships.

  • Buehler Scholarship (Criteria: Franklin County high school graduate, 2.75 GPA, pursuing nursing degree at a college or university in central Ohio)
  • Jenkins Scholarship (Criteria: minimum RN, valid, unencumbered nursing license in Ohio, accepted into an Ohio Board of Nursing approved program and enrolled in first or second year, have documented financial need)
  • Marr/Griesbeck Scholarship (Criteria: working toward BS or AD in nursing at a Franklin County, Ohio college or school of nursing, minimum of two years full/part-time work experience in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, planning to work as direct-care RN in a hospital or skilled nursing facility in the Columbus, OH area upon graduation, successful completion of a minimum of one year of an RN education program with a minimum of a "B" gpa, must be a minimum of 23-years-old)
  • Tschappat Scholarship (Criteria: valid, unencumbered RN nursing license in Ohio, enrolled in an Ohio Board of Regents approved institution or an accredited program in Ohio and in either first or second year, documented financial need, pursing education that qualifies to become certified in Ohio as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)