Hardship Dues

Hardship Dues

It is every ONA member’s obligation to pay assessment and ONA dues as established by the ONA House of Delegates. 

However, it is an unfortunate fact of life that members, from time to time, through no fault of their own, find they cannot meet the financial obligations to remain a member in good standing as defined in the ONA bylaws. 

Under Article VI Section 2(A) of the ONA bylaws and applicable law the Board of Directors has the authority to adopt policies to address these situations. 

The Hardship Dues Program shall apply to a member who performs no service in a calendar month due to reduction in force, furlough, sickness, disability, discharge without just cause and receives pay less than forty (40) hours in any calendar month from any employer where the ONA is the exclusive representative. 

Members who qualify for the Hardship Dues Program shall be required to five dollars ($5.00) per month to remain a member in good standing.

In order to qualify for the Hardship Dues Program a member must follow the following steps:

1).  On a monthly basis, submit in writing the desire to participate in the Hardship Dues Program to the ONA membership department at: https://ohnurses.org/hardship-dues/ or by letter at 3760 Ridge Mill Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026.

2). On a monthly basis, submit documentation that supports the need for consideration for the Hardship Dues Program.  Documentation can be copies of your pay stubs, letter from employer verify employment status, copies of unemployment claims submitted to the Ohio Bureau of Unemployment, claims submitted to the Bureau of Workers Compensation.  This documentation can be mailed to Ohio Nurses Association at 3760 Ridge Mill Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026 or emailed to hardship@ohnurses.org.

In cases of termination without just cause, verification from assigned Labor Representative.