Veterans Day Scheduling Guidance - This document was created through the Scheduling Task Force to provide guidance when scheduling for the Veterans Day holiday in light of the Holiday Scheduling MOU.

Holiday Scheduling MOU
The Holiday Scheduling MOU has been extended through Labor Day, and we are currently working on an extension through at least the end of 2023. As a reminder, during a holiday week, bargaining unit members who are not working the actual holiday(s) can schedule up to their FTE. Any hours worked over your FTE when combined with holiday benefit time are eligible for SBIP, regardless of functional vacancy, as long as they are scheduled during schedule creation. Hours that are picked up during a holiday week after schedule creation are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding: Patient Demand Incentive Program, including functional vacancy requirements.

2023-2023 Holiday Benefit Pay vs Holiday Premium Pay - Christmas-New Year's
This document was created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force and covers the holiday premium dates and holiday benefit days specific to the 2022-2023 Christmas and New Year's Holidays.

Guidance for Restoring Lost Vacation Hours     

This document is was created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force to provide clarity and certainty in the process for restoring lost vacation hours.

Extra Hours Approval Process and Timeline
This infographic was jointly developed by OSUNO and OSU nursing leadership and approved by the ACNOs at Labor-Management in August 2022.  It describes the timeline and process for the posting and approval of extra hours including Schedule Build and In the Moment Incentive.  It applies to both UH and the James.

Schedule Rep Election Guidelines
New in the 2022-2025 contract! These guidelines are intended to provide clarity and certainty for scheduling representatives, nurses, and managers in how the election process for the scheduling representative should be handled.

Use of "Request Off" Guidelines

This document was created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force and is intended to help nurses and scheduling representatives better understand how to use the term "x-request off" and "x-school" and how they interact with our contract.

Tip Sheet for Cancellation of Extra Hours and Cancellation Algorithm
These documents were created by the joint labor-management Scheduling Task Force and are intended to help nurses, especially Charge Nurses, ensure that when there is a need to reduce staff on a unit the contract is followed. 

Cancellation of Extra Hours on a Holiday
This sheet is intended to provide clarity and certainty for, nursing supervisors, nurses, and managers on how Extra Hours are to be cancelled on a Holiday.

Guidelines for Floating when Precepting
Nurses who are precepting shall not be floated when at all possible.

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The Charge Nurse Assignment Guide is intended to help avoid Charge Nurses having to take patients.

Click here for the Charge Nurse Assignment Guide.